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Welcome to Living Asia channel

Living Asia Channel (LAC) is a cable/satellite television channel that features the best travel destinations of Asia and the Pacific, its fascinating people and their unique lifestyles. LAC airs 24/7 in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Oceania, the Middle East, and North America through the facilities of Dream Broadcasting System and Mabuhay Satellite.

travel guide  

Travel Guide
Ins, outs, and in-between, wheres, how, how much, and what to expect in a particular destination with a dash of info on culture, tradition, shopping, and trends.

paradise east  

Paradise East
Asia's best destinations. Includes relevant travel info for value-added viewing. One destination per episode.

trade asia  

Trade Asia
A look into Asia products, innovations, business styles, and strategies. Also touches on how Asians conduct business, and how culture and traditions affect it.

metro guide  

Metro Guide
Informercials of the channel's preferred hotels, resorts, restaurants, entertainment & leisure places in the country.


Snippets of human-interest situatons captured between shoots. Range of drama, trivia, lifestyle, mystical, or comic themes.

antique asia  

Antique Asia
The past and what's left of it. Heritage sites, landmarks, objects, living traditions, art, legends.