The rebroadcast of “8ight degrees: portrait of arun” is an excerpt from “8ight degrees/portraits of exceptional people with impact/inductive radiating out,” an Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) series presented in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. “8ight degrees” is a SuncasTV/ENERI Communications production which originally premiered on the SuncasTV Network in May 2008. (It ran VOD (Video on Demand) through August 2008.) This portrait celebrates the life and achievements of world-renowned 5-Diamond Chef/Owner Arun Sampanthavivat of Arun’s Thai restaurant in Chicago. Chicago Director/Actor Marc Rita serves as the show’s Director/Host, with Chicago Director/Actress Christine Lin serving as Co-Host.

This portrait takes you inside not only Arun’s richly-decorated restaurant, but gives you an intimate look at his life before America, and his current home in Chicago. Chef Arun was recently named a finalist for another prestigious James Beard Foundation “Best Chef” Award for the Great Lakes Region. (Called “the Oscars of the food industry” by Time Magazine, the winner is being announced at the Lincoln Center in New York on May 3, 2010. Arun previously won Best Chef of the Midwest.) Continually receiving critical acclaim, Arun’s is even listed in Patricia Schultz’s “New York Times” Bestseller, “1,000 Places To See Before You Die.” “8ight degrees” features theme music by Chicago composer Keith Uchima. This portrait also features original music by Arun. Eric R. Lim, a filmmaker from Chicago now in California, served as the show’s Director of Photography.

“8ight degrees” Created by Rieny G. Cualoping/Executive Producer Sunny Leon/Executive Producer Rieny G. Cualoping,
Written by Marc Rita with Rieny G. Cualoping/Directed and Production Design Concept by Marc Rita
Hosted by Marc Rita with Co-Host Christine Lin/Director of Photography Eric R. Lim
Edited by Marc Rita/Eric R. Lim/Dan Gutierrez and Kevin Gulik/Theme Music by Keith Uchima
Music by Tatsu Aoki/Music by Gong-QianYang