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Wrestling 411 – Sneak Peek

Produced during the week of February 17-23, 2008, this particular edition of Wrestling 411 previews what is to come in 2008 and forward for wrestling. This sneak peek is a taste of the entertaining and informative overview of collegiate wrestling.

As the 2008-2009 season begins in November, Wrestling 411 will produce 20 weekly shows that will be aired world wide via the internet on SuncasTV.com, on local television stations, cable access channels, and one national broadcasting organization. Please go to www.Wrestling411.tv for a time and listing of these channels.

Viewers – thanks for logging -on to see Wrestling 411’s “ Sneak Peak ” made for television quality show. Wrestling 411, promises to continue to be dynamic, engaging, interactive and full of wrestling highlights. Keep checking www.SuncasTV.com to see the latest in on-line wrestling entertainment as www.SuncasTV.com will have current sport specific topics throughout the wrestling season. Empowering distribution via the Wrestling internet Channel SuncasTV has established for the wrestling community links that have been made to embrace interactivity, blogging, and media postings while focusing on important sport specific issues. Mark this site in your favorites and check back regularly.

Wrestling Camp
Mark Cody’s American University Wrestling Camp
Auggie Wrestling Camps
Boise State Wrestling Camps
Carl Adam’s World Class Wrestling Institute
Cal Poly Wrestling Camps
Clarion University Wrestling Camp
Cael Sanderson’s Iowa State Wrestling Camp
J Robinson Camps
Lock Haven University Wrestling Camp
Nebraska Wrestling Camps
North Dakota State Wrestling Super Camp
Northwestern University Summer Wrestling Camp
Ohio State Wrestling Camp
University of Pittsburgh Wrestling Camp
Southern Oregon University Wrestling Camp
Tiger Wrestling Camp (University of Missouri)
University of Iowa [Brands-Gable]
Webber-Dresser Wrestling Camp
Wisconsin Badger Wrestling Camp [Barry Davis]
Wolfpack Wrestling Camp

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